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Rob is our in house Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor., the Pawling NY Varsity HS Girls Lacrosse & Club lacrosse coach, Varsity field hockey and track coach.  He is also Safe Sport Certified,  a Coach Member of USA Field Hockey, a USA Lacrosse Level 3 Certified Coach,  NY State Certified Public School Coach, and a NFHS Nationally Certified Coach.​

Rob is the head coach of Team 91 Tristate's 2025 girls team as well as the 2022 Co-Coach of the Hudson Valley NY team which went to the USA Lacrosse High School National Tournament.  On a personal note, Rob is a father of two.

What is the Number One Vegetable for Weight Loss?

Before I get to the number one vegetable for weight loss, let’s talk about a few things!

All over Tik Tok and the web are all sorts of diets that influencers say work. They range from the age-old diets to new fad ones. Most never seem too healthy from my perspective as a Functional Nutritionist and are not sustainable.

Fad diets may seem to work for a while but in the end you are back to where you started in most cases! Very few people come out of the other end of a diet with a sustainable weight and eating plan. Research has even shown that while most people on a diet see some results in the 3-6 month range, by one year they are back to where they started! For example, while it is great to cut back on sugar, doing so cold turkey will never work since sugar is much like a drug which needs to be slowly reduced as your brain and body adapts! more on that here

So what is the one vegetable that will guarantee weight loss? The ones you eat! Yes, it’s that simple. Cook with spices, herbs, and then drizzle olive oil on top once cooked! Cook your vegetables in garlic and avocado oil to really make them delectable! Mix it up each week and try to eat 30+ different whole plant foods which includes fruits, vegetables, herbs, beans, spices etc. Make our ten ingredient salad every day! Keep a diary every week for 6 months and see how you do! If you do this most of your diet will be whole plant foods and you will be on your way. Here is our diary to help you eat those 30+ foods a week!

Be patient with your results! This is not a fad diet but a lifestyle that is truly sustainable. If you fill up your plate with 90% whole plant based foods you will not only lose weight in the long term but you will also feel full for longer due to the plant fiber within your food.

Feel free to add in whole grain brown or wild rices, and starchier foods like potatoes etc. Just do not make them the main part of your meal! This does not include fried french fries. They provide no nutrition and your body does not use them in any way for energy or nutrition. But that is a topic for another article!

If you are an athlete, have health problems or need support for weight loss or general nutrition counseling learn more about our Functional Nutrition programs here.



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