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Dave Walters

Health Coach & Nutrition Expert

It began over 40 years ago when I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease. At that time, the doctor told me my diet shouldn't include any vegetables, grains, or roughage of any kind. Not content with this grim news, I researched more about our digestive system. As I studied the intestinal tract I realized whole foods are the lifeblood of our bodies, and the roughage they provide is the cleansing mechanism that keeps the tract working efficiently and effectively. The vital nutrients they carry sustain our health and wellness.


After my resection surgery, I vowed to beat this terrible debilitating disease. I began a diet of whole foods, fruits and vegetables. In 1989 I opened one of the first whole food/organic restaurants in New Jersey, and embarked on a personal quest to find and consume the best foods available. By the way, I've been free of Crohn's Disease for 41 years…I recently had a colonoscopy and the Doctor couldn’t find any signs of the disease but he also commented on how nice my intestinal tract looked.