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Rob is our in house Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor., the Pawling NY Varsity HS Girls Lacrosse & Club lacrosse coach, Varsity field hockey and track coach.  He is also Safe Sport Certified,  a Coach Member of USA Field Hockey, a USA Lacrosse Level 3 Certified Coach,  NY State Certified Public School Coach, and a NFHS Nationally Certified Coach.​

Rob is the head coach of Team 91 Tristate's 2025 girls team as well as the 2022 Co-Coach of the Hudson Valley NY team which went to the USA Lacrosse High School National Tournament.  On a personal note, Rob is a father of two.

Free Guide to Being Invincible to Colds, Flus & more!

The content presented on this website and by the staff of is only for informational purposes. It is in no way intended as medical advice, as a replacement for medical counsel, or as treatment or cure for any particular health issue. Always work one on one with a qualified health practitioner before making any changes to your lifestyle or diet that may feel out of your comfort zone or understanding. You assume all responsibility for the use, misuse or ignoring the information in our programs or on our website. Your health care practitioners advice and prescribed treatments overrule anything we recommend and should only change with their guidance!

While I have used several of these methods over the years it was after having COVID and then a horrible virus two years ago that I decided to be diligent about preventing seasonal illness.

Bacteria and viruses can enter your ears, eyes, mouth or nose. In those warm spots in your body they can propagate enough to enter your system and make you sick.

If you are starting to feel sick (or itchy ears, throat or nose) OR afterwards when you are close to others in a meeting, bus, party, school etc. do the following: (The first two are the most important)

  • ***Nasal Spray - Use a natural nasal spray such as Xynase or Xlear. Ingredients in these sprays kill pathogens (bacteria & viruses) building up in your nose. Spray up your nose as well as to the back of your throat to add extra protection. I like to add a few drops of food grade iodine as well to these commercially made sprays. I also make my own with pure water, xylitol, couple drops of iodine, & sea salt. Put this mixture into nasal spray bottles you can buy at Amazon. Make sure to clean bottles thoroughly between refillings if you make your own.

  • ***Hydrogen Peroxide - Lay on your side with a tissue in hand and pour a half capful of hydrogen peroxide into your ear. If it is bubbling then stay in that position until it stops. If there is limited or no bubbling then do it for a few minutes. Then roll over to the other side, draining the first ear into the tissue and repeat the process in the second ear. If you were starting to feel sick, this alone may reverse an oncoming illness within minutes.

  • Water - Drink small sips continually anytime you are in close proximity to others. This will keep your throat clean of any pathogens. Drinking 64+ ounces of water a day will help your immune system overall.

  • Eyes - It is always good to rinse your eyes out with water at night to remove any allergens or pathogens. Especially during allergy season even if you don’t have reactions to pollen. I just cup my hands, fill with cold water and rinse my eyes. You can also use pure saline in a bottle.

With all that prevention if you do feel a virus coming on then do the following:

  • 10 drops of anti-viral herb Lomatium Isolate in a drink 3 times a day. The first time you take this you may get a minor rash as your body clears out all sorts of viruses. We have read that this is what the American Indians took during the plague in the early 1900’s.

  • Take a big glass of water with EmergenC packets 3 times a day.

  • Take Echinacea (2 - 4x a day), Zinc and Elderberry supplements

  • If you do end up with a cough or infection in your throat/lungs Organic mountain tea and Manuka honey have been shown to do wonders.

Tips to keep your Immune System at its best!

  • Get a good quality Vitamin D3/K2 supplement. 2000IU of D3/K2 a day keeps you at the level you are currently at. If your D3 levels are already low then you need to start at 5000IU or 10,000IU a day. Your doctor can run a blood test to see what your levels are at. As you get older your body quickly lowers its ability to produce D3 from the Sun! I take 5000IU a day.

  • Get a good probiotic into your diet on a daily basis. Whether this is a supplement or a fermented food/drink like kombucha or fermented veggies & fermented pickles. If you feel you are coming down with a stomach virus it is best to triple your intake of these supplements or foods.

  • Take one oscillococcinum a week during the flu season. (What we do, not what the manufacturer dosage is)

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