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Start Your Morning off for Success!

  • The best thing to do first when you wake up is to drink a big glass of water! You are dehydrated at this point of the day and this gets all your organs and systems up and running. Adding a pinch of sea salt and half a fresh lemon will make it even better. You can literally feel your body kicking into gear after a glass of water!

  • Set your alarm across the room so you can’t hit the snooze button! This starts your day feeling awake and ready to go. Hitting the snooze button will leave you groggy for half the morning.

  • Staying off your phone for the first hour will let your brain wake up and not be influenced by the inundation of information. This will help you start your day off without stress and anxiety!

  • Get out first thing for sunshine! This will suppress melatonin which will wake you up and produce serotonin which will put you in a better mood all day!

  • Don’t have that first cup of caffeinated coffee for the first 30-60 minutes of your day. When you go to sleep your body releases adenosine. When you awaken it produces cortisol to clear out the adenosine. Not drinking caffeinated drinks allows this process to happen.

  • Have a good whole foods breakfast and one that is low in sugar. This will keep your blood sugar levels balanced all day without craving more as well as improving your focus and concentration.

  • Before bed avoid food, alcohol and blue light. This will set you up for a successful night’s rest!

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