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Partner - Become an Ambassador or Affiliate

Help others live their healthiest lives! offers an Ambassador and Affiliate partnership program to give you monthly ongoing income.  Upwards of $100+ per referral plus monthly ongoing income possibilities! No matter the size of your followings or family/friends connections on social media, there is income potential.

Plus Foods Minus Foods is a revolutionary way to look at food nutrition and healthy eating backed by a Functional Nutrition methodology! 


  • We offer both complete personal Functional Nutrition consults as well as online courses, video & articles.  We also offer monthly health & nutrition coaching!

  • We work with those suffering from chronic or autoimmune diseases, athletes, and/or those looking to reset their health, diet and lifestyle. 

  • Our approach understands that everyone is unique and that there are many roots to their symptoms.

How it works

We provide you with a special link tagging your referral in our system.  As they buy programs or courses on our website you receive a referral commission.


We will provide you with in person marketing materials as well as digital assets and viral articles to share on social media.


Please contact us below with questions or click "sign up" below to get started today! 

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