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Functional Nutrition Analysis, Coaching & Accountability

"Functional Nutrition is a new way of looking at diet & lifestyle that uniquely treats you as an individual and works with your needs to help you improve your health. We work within the principles of Functional Medicine, but with an individualized perspective on the diet & lifestyle changes which those principles rely on for your success."

At Plus Foods Minus Foods we use a Functional Nutrition approach when working with our clients.  We work with those suffering from chronic or autoimmune diseases, veterans, athletes and/or those looking to reset their health and lifestyle.  We also work with couples looking to get pregnant to help optimize their nutrition and health in that process.  For those looking to lose weight we aim to give you a sustainable plan and not just a fad diet program! 


We act as nutrition detectives to dig deep into your diet, history & lifestyle to help you get where you want to be health-wise. If you are an athlete we look to help you reach your goals with an ideal nutrition guide after our full analysis of your diet and lifestyle. 


For those with no known health issues we will set you up for success going forward from a nutrition standpoint.  In our experience everyone can use a health re-boot and guidance whether they are feeling sick or not!

We don't look to cover or mask your symptoms but instead look upstream at all your body's systems to find the root cause of your health issues.  If you have tried many things and have not gotten the results you are looking for then we have the knowledge and training to help you.  You must be ready to take next step and be open to new ideas to find your optimal health!

We offer three programs & in person group seminars:

With the Custom 3 & 12 Month Plans we analyze your food intake, history, & lifestyle, then create personalized plans to fit your needs.   ORDER HERE


Custom Plans include:

  • Accountability/Coaching with Coach Rob Walters

  • Daily direct connection with our team

  • Deep dive into your nutrition, lifestyle and history

  • Plan for adding Plus Foods and removing Minus Foods

  • Analysis of all prescribed lab tests - lab cost not included

  • Environmental Toxin Analysis

  • General daily workout plan and accountability!

  • For Individuals, Veterans and Athletes

  • Complete Diet Analysis and game plan

  • Goal setting and accountability

  • Access to our full library to supplement our analysis

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Rob Walters

Founder,  Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor, FNC


Rob is our in house Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor.  As a Pawling NY Varsity HS Girls Lacrosse & Club lacrosse coach, Varsity field hockey and track coach, Rob has guided over 1,000 athletes with his positive approach coaching method.  Nutritional counseling of athletes has always been a part of his coaching success. 

Rob is the head coach of Team 91 Tristate's 2025 girls team as well as the 2022 Co-Coach of the Hudson Valley NY team which went to the USA Lacrosse High School National Tournament.


He is also a USA Lacrosse Level 3 Certified Coach,  NY State Certified Public School Coach, and a NFHS Nationally Certified Coach.  He has been a competitive athlete since age 4 including a state champion XC runner and member of Villanova's elite track team. 


Beyond that Rob has competed in over 125 triathlons including USAT National Championships, Ironman Lake Placid as well as in the NYC Marathon. 

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