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Tournaments, Camps and Clinics

A great first email to coaches at any target school is asking if they have any camps, clinics or prospecting days that you could participate in.

Look for camps/clinics that are within your reach financially and ones that you can get to.  Factor in gas, hotel, flights etc when planning your schedule

Look for camps/clinics that have several college coaches attending.

Invite coaches to see you play in tournaments.  Make sure to include your team name, your jersey number, where you are playing and the schedule if you know it early enough.


Make sure to email coaches on a prior Monday when you are going to be at a tournament or game later in the week.

Invite coaches to see you play in Varsity games.  Even ask your Varsity coach to invite the college coach as well.

When college coaches are watching, make sure to work hard, listen to your coach, and be a leader on the field.  They notice negative signs immediately.  Be good on and off ball on team sports.  Show all adults on the field respect. 

College coaches also do not want to see you scoring 100 points and being a ball hog.

College coaches do not want to hear your parents telling you what to do from the stands.  Parents should just cheer you on.

The best camps and clinics are the ones where a college coach sends you a personal invitation.  Beware of cash grab clinics where groups are just looking to make money! 

College Sports Recruiting Handbook for High School Student/Athletes & Parents

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