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Connecting with College Coaches

Top athletes need to put the work in as well to get noticed.

Club coaches tend to be very involved and well connected. Talk to your coach and ask who they may be able to put you in touch with.

A lot of recruiting happens at the club level but that does not mean you cannot be recruited from your high school team. You just may need to work more. Attend more camps, clinics and spotlight events.

Use google to get contact information for the coaches at your target schools.  Add head and assistant coaches to this page.

Any contact must come from you the athlete and not an adult. 

Subject line in emails should be your name, graduation year, club team and high school - Always use this exact same subject

Introduction emails should go to all the coaches at a school and include info about you, where you play.  Include any awards etc.

Invite coaches to see you play.  Make sure to include your team name, your jersey number, where you are playing and the schedule if you know it early enough. Make sure to email coaches on a Monday when you are going to be at a tournament or game later in the week.

If you are attending a camp or clinic they will be at an email for this situation would be good.

If you would like to do a campus visit make sure to email as well. 

Always send a thank you email after any of the above interactions at events etc.

If a coach asks you for information make sure to reply ASAP.  If you not have what they need immediately then reply saying that and that you will get right back to them! 

Keep your emails simple.  Coaches are stretched in time and want just the facts!

Parents - this is your child's job.  Coaches do not want you emailing them nor speaking for your child in person at events!

College Sports Recruiting Handbook for High School Student/Athletes & Parents

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