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College Offers

Remember, very few athletes get full athletic scholarships.  Many athletes get academic scholarships, grants, third party scholarships, loans etc.  D1s often offer 1/2 athletic scholarships! 

When you receive an offer, take a deep breath, ask for details of the offer,  say thank you and tell the coach you will talk it over with your parent(s) or guardian. Once again send a thank you note.

Again, you may get all sorts of combinations of scholarships, athletic, academic, grants etc. 

Most schools will give out partial scholarships so be prepared for that.

Remember, very few athletes get full ride scholarships!

Make sure you also understand the terms of a scholarship.  Things to ask are: do you lose the athletic part if you get hurt, do you lose the academic part if you grades drop below a certain level

Make sure you know the timelines of offers and when you need to accept or turn down.

Once you make a decision and told the coach it is courteous to let the other schools' coaches know your decision.

Your verbal commitment is not binding for neither you nor the coach until your National Letter of Intent is signed

College Sports Recruiting Handbook for High School Student/Athletes & Parents

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