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Zoom or Phone Calls with College Coaches

Coaches may be restricted in talking to you until the approved date per sport. You can call at any time but they may not be able to take your call.  See the NCAA website for information.

Top recruits will get calls as soon as the college coach is allowed to.  Before taking a call from a coach, take a deep breath and relax.  It will go well.  Be yourself and be prepared.

College coaches may ask when you are looking to make a decision, what schools are you looking at, what your current workouts are currently - in season and out, are you considered a team leader, what have you had to overcome to be the athlete you are, etc.

You should ask questions like:  Do you have my major, are there other teammates in my major, are there any majors that would conflict with playing on the team, do team members live together, how big is the team and how many travel to away games, any recommendations for me.

If given an offer, take a deep breath and say thank you and that you need to talk it over with your parent(s) and/or guardian.  Ask them what is the time frame that they need a response from you! 

This is business for coaches.  Offers can be pulled at any point until signing.  If they see you wavering or uninterested, then the offer may go away! POOF!

College Sports Recruiting Handbook for High School Student/Athletes & Parents

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