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Before we start it is important that you read and understand the following: The content presented on this website and by the staff of is only for informational purposes.  It is in no way intended as medical advice, as a replacement for medical counsel, or as treatment or cure for any particular health issue. Always work one on one with a qualified health practitioner before making any changes to your lifestyle or diet that may feel out of your comfort zone or understanding. You assume all responsibility for the use, misuse or ignoring the information in our programs or on our website. Your health care practitioners advice and prescribed treatments overrule anything we recommend and should only change with their guidance! 

Before we get started please do the following:

  • Please send a text with your full name to Rob Walters. ‪(845) 593-4158‬If you would rather email then please send Rob a message to:

  • If you have any somewhat recent blood tests (CBC etc) that you would like to share please email directly to Rob via - If you are having bloodwork done in the near future please include toxic metal counts and vitamin & mineral counts as well.  Included, but not limited to, in this would be Vitamin D's, K, B (especially B12, B6) F, A, C and minerals like calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, chloride, magnesium, iron,  iodine, chromium, copper, fluoride, molybdenum, manganese, and selenium and zinc. 

  • Please make sure to add and to your white list in your spam filters.  At any time you feel you are not getting emails from us please check your spam folder.

As we start, there are a few pillars to our program that are worth discussing.

Your immune system is constantly working to remove foreign pathogens, toxins and cancer cells. As well as clearing inflammation that is both visible and hidden.  It is always working to clear out pesticides, airborne chemicals, cleaning solutions, chemicals in soaps - perfumes - laundry products, plant allergens, food allergens etc. Overall the more you can eliminate toxins from your diet and environment, the better your immune system will be at healing hidden inflammation and cancer cells!  Your body fights cancer cells everyday! 


The American Cancer Society’s most recent evaluation of the probability of getting cancer is 2 in 3 men and 1 in 3 women. This information, although alarming, is meant to give you an idea of just how important it is to monitor your intake of certain foods that have been affiliated with producing cancer cells in the body.  Then add in the foods that help fight cancer and disease! 

Hidden inflammation is particularly problematic and is a problem for most people as our diets produce free radicals that bounce around your body and cause inflammation.  This inflammation can lead to chronic and auto-immune diseases.  Our goal through this program is to help you identify the foods and environmental factors that create free radicals and those that reduce them!

If you are suffering from an auto-immune or chronic disease our goal is to help you live your best life in conjunction with your doctor.  While we have seen some go into complete remission like our co-founder David Walters many will get as close as possible given their particular situation and adherence to our healthy lifestyle practices.

As the program progresses for you our goal is to get you to eat a whole food (Plus Foods) diet and reduce the dependence on sugar, wheat, grains, processed corn snacks/foods, processed foods/snacks, alcohol, and dairy. (Minus Foods)

You will have your bad days! There will be days where you just want a bowl of ice cream or go to an Italian restaurant and want that chicken parm and pasta. Hopefully as you clean up your diet you will realize how bad these foods make you feel afterwards and limit them.  On those days we suggest that you “pre-eat’ before you go out.   For example start with a large healthy salad before you eat your main meal. Either at home or at the restaurant.  Remember you can always order more food so start with less than you think will fill you up.   If traveling, look for healthy ‘fast food’ like Panera, Chipotle or a Mediterranean restaurant. We will discuss healthy fast food later in the program.

It is also good to take note that while some foods or environmental factors may cause a noticeable allergic reaction, you may have sensitivity to others.  For example if I eat too much wheat in one sitting, I get a running nose, cough etc.  But if I eat a little wheat over three days my reaction is not immediately noticeable and I am just very tired all day! 

Lastly, your success is dependent on you. As I tell my girls lacrosse athletes, I can teach you everything I know but unless you practice on your own you will not succeed.

We will give you all the knowledge and tools we have but in the end it is up to you! You will decide how healthy and accountable you want to be to yourself and your loved ones.  

We believe you will be successful!  Please scroll down to get started

Thank you – Rob Walters

Getting Started

For week one we are asking you to do our full assessment survey to help you think about your past diet, health, prescriptions, illnesses etc. right up to the present. The idea being that you can look for patterns or triggers that have changed your health.  This will also help you shape your health and lifestyle in the future. You can either download the TEXT file below and do offline or add the Google doc to your personal account and fill in from there.

FILE: Full Assessment Survey Document
(click link, choose File and Make a copy to edit/save) or Copy and paste the text on that page to any word processing software or send as an email back to Rob.

In the above document you will also be doing a toxicity survey so we can see what may also be affecting your health. 

Lastly, in the above document we are going to ask you to summarize your food intake in the past week.  Please be very honest so that we have a base level of how you truly eat!

You will be tracking your food intake for 12 weeks looking for patterns of what you eat and how you feel.  For example we had a client who had severe asthma attacks on random Mondays over time.  While she did not have an apparent allergy to wheat we discovered that once a month or so they would buy a dozen bagels on a Friday.  She would then proceed to have one or two a day for the weekend.  By Monday she had 3-5 bagels in her intestinal system which would overload her immune system and cause the reaction.

Please text/email Rob daily or as often as you like with what your food intake was.  At the end of the day or the next morning is fine.  (845) 593-4158 or - This will help us track patterns, good or bad, as well as make you accountable to your new eating habits! 

Once you are done with the self assessment document please share it with Rob via - Either via email or via the Google doc directly with their 'share' feature.

Chewing your food

Digestion starts with the chewing of your food.  Try to chew each mouthful at least 20-30 times.  This releases saliva which lubricates the food as well as adds digestive enzymes to help digestion further down the line. 

You should liquify your food and chew your drinks.  Yes, even shakes & smoothies need to be chewed to release the enzymes necessary for digestion!

Even more importantly your body generally feels full after 20 minutes of eating a meal so this chewing will help you from overeating!

We have found with many clients who have acid reflux or similar issues that this chewing of the food helps with those problems.  It may take several weeks of eating this way to reduce it, but eventually your stomach will realize that your food is liquified and thus produces less acid during each meal!

This chewing process promotes more nutritional breakdown early in the digestive process and better absorption overall.

This also reduces the energy needed for digestion further down the line thus allowing the energy to be used elsewhere in your body.  Like our Daily Minimum Workout plan.

So this week while filling out your self assessment document focus on chewing!

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