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TBI - Traumatic Brain Injuries Support

The content presented on this website and by the staff of is only for informational purposes.  It is in no way intended as medical advice, as a replacement for medical counsel, or as treatment or cure for any particular health issue. Always work one on one with a qualified health practitioner before making any changes to your lifestyle or diet that may feel out of your comfort zone or understanding. You assume all responsibility for the use, misuse or ignoring the information in our programs or on our website. Your health care practitioners advice and prescribed treatments overrule anything we recommend and should only change with their guidance! 



  •  variety of vegetables & fruits (antioxidant-rich foods) BERRIES! 

  •  smoothie packed with antioxidants & superfoods - chew to release enzymes

  •  anti-inflammatory spices - turmeric, curcumin, cinnamon and ginger

  •  anti-inflammatory diet

  •  Remove sugar, gluten and dairy from diet

  •  mineral-rich foods like nuts, seeds and bone broths

  •  high quality proteins

  •  good fats (avocado, coconut, olive oil, nuts/seeds)

  •  choline (eggs or soy lecithin)

  •  keep diet easy-to-digest and nutrient dense to start



  •  antioxidants

  •  magnesium

  •  B-vitamins

  •  probiotics

  •  vitamin C

  •  polyphenols like resveratrol or quercetin



  •  follow a routine

  •  take breaks

  •  sleep (bed before 10pm with at least 8 hours of sleep; more as body needs)

  •  avoid distractions & multitasking

  •  moderate exercise if doctor allows, not too strenuous (walking regularly) with consistency

  •  mindfulness exercises (meditation, yoga, breath work)

  •  do less during the day

  •  tune in to the body’s needs

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