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Influencer Partnerships

Our partnership program is designed to benefit your followers as well as your business over time.   Our goal is to build a revenue stream for you both in the short and long term! 

We provide functional nutrition counseling to help people meet weight goals, stay fit, reboot their health, reduce side effects from chronic and auto-immune diseases. 

What we will do for your followers:

  1. Run a contest to give away, to your followers, one or several of our programs for free.

  2. Offer an ongoing 10% coupon for any of our programs for your followers

What we will do you for you!

  1. Give you 20% of any revenue generated from your followers buying one of our programs.  Upwards of $300 per referral

  2. Share the giveaway user info entries in real time with you

  3. Build a team of ambassadors under you to generate ongoing income for you! 

We are open to any other ideas or variations of the above which would benefit you and your followers! 

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