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Candida - Yeast - Detox Cleanse

The content presented on this website and by the staff of is only for informational purposes.  It is in no way intended as medical advice, as a replacement for medical counsel, or as treatment or cure for any particular health issue. Always work one on one with a qualified health practitioner before making any changes to your lifestyle or diet that may feel out of your comfort zone or understanding. You assume all responsibility for the use, misuse or ignoring the information in our programs or on our website. Your health care practitioners advice and prescribed treatments overrule anything we recommend and should only change with their guidance! 


Candida is a genus of yeasts that are found naturally on the skin, in the mouth, and in the gut. These yeasts are usually harmless, but they can cause infections when they overgrow in certain parts of the body. This can happen when the balance of bacteria in the body is disrupted, such as after taking antibiotics or when the immune system is weakened.

High levels of candida in the gut can lead to digestive disruption, bloating and nausea.  Antibiotics, sugar and the standard American diet can lead to the over growth of Candida and bad bacteria in the gut thus crowding out good bacteria. This can lead to a whole host of downstream problems throughout the body! 

To combat candida I go through a two step process.  First, I take 4 Grapefruit Seed Extract Tablets once a day with food for 7 days.  I usually take it the first time on a weekend when I know I will not be going anywhere in the morning as it cleans you out a bit as the yeast is dying off. At the same time and ongoing I take a good probiotic supplement and drink Kombucha daily as well as eat probiotic rich foods like fermented pickles and true fermented sauerkraut.  Yogurt can be good but may also be high in sugar which feeds the yeast and bad bacteria. 

Once I month I take one serving of 4 tablets of the Grapefruit Seed Extract as maintenance.  If I am feeling tired or had a few days of not eating well I will then take it for a couple of days. 

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