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15+ Lacrosse Drills - Boys & Girls K-12

As a NY High School and Team 91 Club lacrosse coach I have my basic “go to” drills that I try to incorporate into practices each week, especially in the early part of the season. 

These drills can be adapted for both boys and girls lax as well as for age groups. These are also great drills to have at the ready for a popup practice or clinic!

Bookmark this page and visit often.  If coaches visit often and like/share this resource on Facebook I will keep adding new drills! Feel free to contact me with questions!  - Coach Walters. - JOIN our mailing list to be notified when new drills come out! 

  1. Triple Option Lines

  2. Chaos Lines

  3. Bad Partner Passes

  4. Choked Up Ground Balls

  5. D Boxes

  6. Not in my House

  7. Sniper Drill

  8. Girls Draw Circle 1v1s

  9. 1v1 on a Line

  10. Restraining Line Battles

  11. 5 offense versus 4 defense

  12. Transition Players Down

  13. Ultimate Lacrosse

  14. Small Area Keep Away


  16. Cradling the Alphabet

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