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12 Week Health & Diet Reboot Bootcamp

One on One Coaching
12 Weeks of Accountability!

"Functional Nutrition is a new way of looking at diet & lifestyle that uniquely treats you as an individual and works with your needs to help you improve your health. Our 3 month reboot bootcamp plan will analyze your current diet & lifestyle and guide you in the right direction. "

Plan includes 3 month of analysis and nutritional & fitness coaching:

  • Introductory Zoom call

  • Complete daily accountability of your diet! 

  • Complete analysis of your current diet

  • Complete analysis of your lifestyle

  • Plan to add "plus foods" to your diet

  • Plan to remove "minus foods" from your diet

  • Guidance on lowering your sugar intake and thus dependence upon sweets

  • Raise your awareness of toxins around you with a DETOX plan

  • Blueprint and accountability on eating a better diet

  • A general fitness plan or guidance on your current plan

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